Are you successfully evolving to meet fresh challenges?

By Eef De Ridder, Vice President, Graphic Communications Group, Ricoh Europe

Ricoh Europe, London, July 2 2021 -Shorter runs, increased versioning and hyper personalisation are among the industry shaping trends that have been accelerated by the pandemic.

To successfully adapt to the rapidly changing environment, printing companies, brand owners, and other enterprises and are looking for new ways to expand their business.

They are exploring how to best deploy various marketing tools to deliver tailored messages to their customers.

They are finding effective ways to provide marketing services through the digitalisation of printed materials and printing services to navigate a digital world where paper is under pressure to remain a core communications medium.

They are also considering initiatives such as developing online services, reviewing the opportunities in packaging and expanding their portfolio from print to value added services. They are adopting the mindset of changing their operation into a mini Amazon where they sell, produce and deliver printed products and more to their customers.

Ricoh is evolving too.

Our business is to support the communications of our clients, so we are adapting to help decisively meet their challenges.

That is why we have renamed our business unit Ricoh Graphic Communications Group.

It is focused on business expansion through resolving the challenges faced by frontline printing sites. It will optimise graphic communications with seamless digital conversion and improved operational efficiency.

It will help operations by:

  • exploring growth through change,
  • identifying implementable ways to adapt,
  • considering a fresh approach to e-commerce capabilities,
  • and improving software ecosystems.

It will also support staff with expert training, coaching, mentoring and help capture new talent.

Enabling this, too, is technology innovation focused on producing agile and responsive print that is competitive and cost effective, as well as new ways to seamlessly manage workflows, maximise productivity, increase profitability, help with financing and access completely new markets. There are also comprehensive business development programmes, market insights and technological leadership with the power of digital print and data. Co-creation is a touchstone of our commitment to strong and productive partnerships with clients and other stakeholders alike.

The combination reinforces Ricoh’s position as the ideal transformation partner. HENKAKU is so much more than the Japanese word for transformational transformation; it describes the restless spirit of change that characterises Ricoh in graphic communications.

We comprise in Europe 25 operating companies and a dedicated 1,200 strong team, with 400 technical and sales consultants and 800 field engineers. Our European Customer Experience Centre in Telford, central England, oversees European Media Qualification, research and development liaison and application development. And our service levels and coverage are second to none.

To learn more about how Ricoh Graphic Communications Group can help your business evolve contact your local Ricoh representative or visit



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