High Quality Label Printing

From a list of synonyms for the words ‘high quality’ – you could choose Exceptional, First class, Remarkable, Preferable even Magnificent – but what actually gives the words ‘high quality’ their true meaning? Brand owners in high end sectors such as wine and spirits  know that ‘quality always sells’ and they continue to put pressure on label printers to adopt the latest innovations and digital technologies to achieve the highest levels of quality to enhance their brand designs.  

It has been proven that consumers searching for quality products are, more often than not, persuaded initially by the outward appearance. It may stir an emotion or a memory or a personal affiliation but whatever the reason it is accepted that an exceptionally creative or uniquely designed label can move a consumer to make a purchase.  

In the last two years we have seen consumer behaviours continue to evolve and online purchasing levels are higher than ever before. Brand owners have to ‘up their game’ to compete. More than in any other market segments, brand owners of luxury products demand flawless print quality and guaranteed colour performance for accurate brand colour reproduction. To respond to these growing trends and the needs of all the players in the supply chain, printing equipment suppliers are bringing new innovations to market. Leading digital innovator Xeikon has structured the widest digital portfolio of its printing solutions to satisfy the needs of today’s label printer – both UV inkjet technology and Dry toner technology.   

Xeikon has recently introduced its Panther 2.0 Series, launching two new UV inkjet digital label presses the Xeikon PX3300 and the Xeikon PX2200. Panther presses have every ‘bell and whistle’ a printer might need to cost effectively and efficiently produce the highest quality creative labels for the widest range of applications for the broadest range of markets. Based on Panther UV inkjet technology and leveraging the advantages of PantherCure UV ink for ultimate durability, this range of presses are engineered to meet the current requirements in the market today for the production and manufacturing of high quality labels.

As well as delivering the highest quality, these new presses are designed to achieve creative and unique print designs across a wider choice of substrates such as clear-on-clear filmic face-stocks, that require a high quality opaque white to make designs stand out. Panther presses can be configured with a fifth print station to enable an extended colour gamut to create tactile, high gloss, durable labels with limitless unique designs.

The big difference and advantage for Xeikon customers is its Digital Front End, the X-800 with full workflow integration. The X-800 drives all Xeikon equipment using cloud connection and utilising man/machine and machine/machine interfaces to efficiently produce the highest quality print from file to finish with specialist ‘on-the-fly colour management capability, variable data tools for unique imagery, automated embellishment and the ultimate delivery of exceptional printed products. You could say that with Xeikon the true meaning of ‘high quality’ has been found!



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