Ticking all the Boxes with Aptar’s SimpliCycle™ Recyclable Valve

By Linda Heim, Senior Marketing Manager – Aptar Food and Beverage EMEA

Just like in many regions of the world, in Europe there is a high consciousness about packaging sustainability today, which comes from different verticals including consumers, brands, and governmental/regulatory agencies. Keeping up with the constant regulatory changes, such as the most recent EU Directive on Single Use Plastics (SUP), requires in-depth technical expertise and continuous innovation. To best support the new market demands and help our customers achieve their environmental goals and become more competitive, at Aptar Food + Beverage, we aim to be engaged at the very early stages of the development process in the regulatory environment. Besides allowing Aptar and our customers to stay compliant with new regulations, it is also in line with our commitments to the Ellen MacArthur New Plastics Economy Global Commitment and among others in Europe.

A good example is the recent introduction of Aptar’s SimpliCycle recyclable valve for use in dispensing closures. Like other valves we brought to market over the past 30 years, the SimpliCycle valve results in clean, controlled and more hygienic dispensing of product. That’s especially important for food and beverage consumers! And even better, Simplicycle is fully recyclable while keeping the same high-performance standards as in our SimpliSqueeze silicone valves.

SimpliCycle recyclable valve technology is getting a warm reception in the marketplace in Europe, where multiple brands are exploring opportunities to pair SimpliCycle in their dispensing packaging to achieve their full packaging recyclability goals while still offering an outstanding dispensing experience to their end consumers. By including SimpliCycle valve technology, brands have the opportunity to stand out from competitors with a high-performance dispensing system in their packaging for products such as sauces, condiments, honey, spreads, beverages, and more. In addition, consumers benefit from a much more convenient and hygienic dispensing experience. An effective valve ensures a consistent product flow rate, while reducing messy spills and leakage during transport, display, storage and usage, both at home and in the store. It also allows consumers to get that last bit of product out of the container, while helping to keep the closure clean throughout the package’s life. SimpliCycle truly ticks all the boxes for both brands and the end-consumers.

We are proud that SimpliCycle received Critical Guidance Recognition from the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) in North America, a recognition that acknowledges technologies or packaging components that aim to solve long-standing problems in sustainable package design. Furthermore, SimpliCycle has been assessed by third parties, such as Cyclos and Recyclass, confirming its compatibility with the readily available sorting and recycling sectors in Europe.

The SimpliCycle recyclable valve was also recognized as the Best CSR/Sustainability initiative by the World Food Innovation Awards (WFIA) for its sustainability and innovation, and most recently, by the World Packaging Association (WPO) with its prestigious WorldStar Award for packaging innovation.

To learn more about Aptar Food + Beverage and its groundbreaking SimpliCycle valve, be sure to download our white paper: Small Yet Impactful: Why It’s Important for Even the Smallest Packaging Elements to Be Sustainable.


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