Why it’s important to have marketing tools

By Juergen Krebs, Software Sales Manager, Ricoh Graphic Communications, Ricoh Europe

Ricoh Europe, London, November 3, 2023 – You have built a strong business on promoting your clients’ messaging but is it the best it could be? Is there room for more business winning creativity? And how good are you at promoting your own operation?

Ambitious Print Service Providers (PSPs) will want to improve on both. They will recognise that there is a need to continuously be innovating and to offer clients new opportunities to amplify their communications.

They will be looking to do the same for their own business to affirm their capabilities while expanding their own client base.

They will need to identify clear goals such as the three below:

1 Create targeted and impactful personalised communication campaigns.

Software tools can support increasingly complex scales and levels of automation that were not previously possible. This means PSPs can do more without increasing labour. Images, text, and colour can all be customised and adjusted directly in the file – both for their clients and their own messaging. And most importantly provide a service which allows clients to use valuable customer data effectively across all their marketing activities.

2 Enhance production flexibility

Automating print workflows as a print job is being onboarded can extend production capabilities, save time, increase throughput, and reduce manual errors. This results in:

3 Achieve higher client satisfaction.

Clients who receive more work, faster, with fewer errors, and without additional costs are happy clients. Automated print workflows help deliver a client friendly service by speeding up the entire process from input to finished production.

To help respond to growing client needs and continued pressure on margin and profit, print marketing automation is no longer optional. It’s essential.

PSPs risk being separated by what they can do, how efficiently they can do it, and at what price and profit margin. Digital transformation, aided by intelligent software solutions, can assist their seamless shift towards operational versatility.

Print is still a highly effective marketing tool, but speed is vital in today’s world with companies required to react quickly to changing circumstances. Therefore, the turnaround time of producing print marketing materials needs to match the speed of digital communications to provide cohesive messaging across the customer journey.   

FusionPro® covers design and personalisation for individualised communications. The powerful variable data printing software enhances customisation to help businesses intensify reach and increase conversions.

The FusionPro portfolio of solutions provides not only an intelligent templating design tool but full automation with production workflow functionality to not only allow you to create complex, unique, variable documents on the fly but automate the process from the receipt of your clients’ data to production. It is used globally by PSPs to remove the time and costs often associated with the production of critical marketing communications from promotional signage, labels and flyers to catalogues and customer mailings. All with targeted messaging through using data effectively to bring even greater value to their clients’ marketing print which in turn increases brand loyalty and conversion rates.

Templates can be added to an online portal to allow clients to order and version marketing materials online, proof the output, provide shipping details, all designed to bring further efficiencies to the process of ordering marketing materials. Removing activities from any current process through workflow automation, reduces turnaround times and costs, allowing PSPs to match their clients’ requirements when it comes to the production of marketing materials and thereby becoming a valued supplier.

PSPs can use FusionPro for their own marketing campaigns as well, advertising additional services to existing clients with a high level of customisation and personalisation.

Now is the time to expand your offerings so you can expand your business. Ricoh software products can help you redefine what’s possible.



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