Why operational and business agility should be cornerstones of your success

By Clive Stringer, Director, Continuous Feed and High End Software Sales, Ricoh Graphic Communications Group Ricoh Europe

Ricoh Europe, London, September 14, 2021 -Operational and business agility have become fundamental cornerstones for organisations successfully navigating the pandemic.

And they are set to remain says IBM’s Find Your Essential: How to Thrive in a Post Pandemic Reality survey. Of the more than 3,000 CEOs from nearly 50 countries and 26 industries interviewed, 56% emphasised the need to ‘aggressively pursue’ operational agility and flexibility over the next two to three years.

It stated that identifying the clear impact of greater agility can be challenging. That is why adapting ways of working should be achieved purposefully. They should include a clear focus on business outcomes and guidelines to indicate next level advantages. They should show when agile initiatives result in material, valuable changes, and real world impact

The immediate effect of the pandemic and its persistent shaping of the market climate prompted commercial print businesses to review their offering, pivot quickly, and add new services. They adopted new ways of working to incorporate remote capabilities where possible.

That agility was supported by flexible software solutions that provide a proven framework to deliver scalability for business growth and workflow solutions that support a tailored strategy.

They include proven, cost competitive, off-the-shelf solutions that:

  • can be adapted and configured as required, such as workflow and MIS software that is flexible, scalable, and compliant in terms of security and data handling,
  • are cloud based
  • be configured and validated before implementation and go-live,
  • be delivered efficiently and seamlessly integrated.

They range from web enablement software connecting print businesses and their clients 24/7 allowing job submission, online ordering, and digital downloads, to end-to-end workflow solutions.

Among the versatile solutions are:

  • Ricoh’s TotalFlow Cloud Suite – a cloud based portfolio of Ricoh software and third party Ricoh-endorsed solutions. It includes RICOH Supervisor that accurately gathers operation wide data and using the integrated business intelligence tool, helps to drive operational efficiencies by providing up to date management information and analysis. All reports and analysis can also be accessed locally and remotely as well as status information of orders, printing presses and post press equipment and processes .
  • Ricoh ProcessDirector – a highly configurable PDF workflow that controls and manages print production by reducing manual touchpoints, automating processes and with the capability to track and trace at the document level for a fully closed loop workflow.
  • TotalFlow BatchBuilder – it creates streamlined workflows by managing several jobs from multiple sources to enhance production efficiency, enhance operator and equipment productivity and reduce errors.

Important, too, is choosing the right technology partner. One that helps operations consider both a strategic and tactical view of their growth and development to meet fast changing market demands with agile adaptation. The partner should start by asking about your major challenges and pain points, and be ready to undertake a wide-ranging systems integrator role to consider what is in place and support with their own or third party solutions whilst protecting existing investments.

The past year has been one of rapid change with workflow and software implementation plans brought forward by operations focused on quickly adjusting and positioning themselves for profitability and growth.

They have adapted to their challenges. Have you adapted to yours?

For further support and to discover more ways to shape your flexible and agile future, talk to Ricoh.



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