Why you should boost your customer experience with customer mail

By Erwin Busselot, Director, Business Innovation & Solutions, Ricoh Graphic Communications, Ricoh Europe

Ricoh Europe, London, February 24, 2023 – The need to reach existing and new customers effectively and efficiently has encouraged brands and operations to explore digital communication channels.  In this new world where do printed communications stand?

Relevant, informative, and timely communications help build relationships and shape customer experience. They drive results.

For 65% of consumers in the UK and 63% in Germany, positive encounters help people decide who to buy from, according to PwC’s Future of Customer Experience Survey 2017/18. And an enjoyable relationship equals sales. Deloitte reports it can increase customer spending by up to 140%.

It is no surprise then that 87% of business leaders agree exceptional customer experience is a must for their organisation.

Customers want to receive physical mail as well as digital communications – presenting an unmissable customer experience opportunity.

One increasingly popular way to create strong customer relationships is printed customer mail.

It is sent to customers, donors, supporters, or anyone an organisation has a connection with. It differs from traditional direct mail that is sent to recipients based on general identifiers such as hobbies, interests or regional location. Customer mail is an important, often formal, communication that contains very specific information, such as bills, statements, welcome packs and CRM updates. It is a key touchpoint in the customer journey.

Its potential for success is partly due to its extremely high engagement rate of 99% and the fact it is trusted by 71% of customers, according Marketreach, part of Great Britain’s Royal Mail. It is valued by all ages, including Gen Z and younger Millennials. It also has a 43% rate of prompting a commercial action like buying something or going online.

The physicality of customer mail enables important information to be accessed quickly and easily. Information that is clear and concise, presented using good design, at the right frequency will elevate response rates and customer satisfaction.

The impact made can be further improved with consistent branding across all platforms, personalisation at a number of touchpoints, a multi-channel approach, and a range of contact options.

This is why customer mail is held onto, stored and revisited.

Digital high speed inkjet and toner technologies can produce creative customer mail. They can deliver a powerful combination of individualised data, tailored content, Digital Print Enhancement, and colourful design that captures attention and drives engagement. Customised content can be managed for printed and digital delivery by FusionPro software. It combines customer data with pre-defined templates for dynamic marketing applications.

Some highly personalised samples, in the form of communication from Cornish Holiday Properties, will be presented by Ricoh at next week’s Hunkeler Innovationdays 2023. Prompted by a booking, the mailer contains accommodation and payment details plus tailored offers and vouchers for the trip.

To discover ways to help make customer mail a successful element in your client’s communications offering contact your Ricoh representative, or reserve some time with a Ricoh continuous feed specialist here.



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